Six heresies for enterprise architecture

Excellent post, which further reinforces my beliefs that architecture frameworks are way oversold. Iterative, value-based approach to EA, without religious devotion to a given framework is what I have been preaching too. Great post Kailash!

Eight to Late


In a recent article in Forbes, Jason Bloomberg asks if Enterprise Architecture (EA) is “completely broken”.  He reckons it is, and that EA frameworks, such as TOGAF and the Zachman Framework, are at least partly to blame.  Here’s what he has to say about frameworks:

EA generally centers on the use of a framework like The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the Zachman Framework™, or one of a handful of others. Yet while the use of such frameworks can successfully lead to business value, [they] tend to become self-referential… that [Enterprise Architects end up] spending all their effort working with the framework instead of solving real problems.

From experience, I’d have to agree: many architects are so absorbed by frameworks that they overlook their prime imperative, which is to deliver tangible value rather than pretty diagrams.

In this post I present six (possibly heretical!) practices that underpin an

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One thought on “Six heresies for enterprise architecture

  1. Hi Voytek,

    Thanks so much for reading and for your very kind feedback, I truly appreciate it. I especially like the way you summarised your view on EA as an “Iterative, value-based approach…without religious devotion to a given framework…”. Very well said.

    Do stay in touch,



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